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Speed Cleaning Fulham makes sure that the services you receive are not only of the highest quality and efficiency, but they also come on prices that are up to your liking. Naturally, this cannot happen without maintaining our regular rates low, but we take things one step further, thanks to our exclusive deals and special discounts.

Get the most for the value of your money

Our special deals make sure that you get the best for the money that you pay. All our services are a subject of regular discounts on a rolling basis. For example, if you book three mattresses for cleaning with us at the present moment, you will get the great chance of having the job done for 10% less money. All our new customers get a £10 discount for the first carpet cleaning service that they book. Another much sought after deal on our website is the one that gives you 10% discount for upholstery cleaning when you combine it with any other service that you are going to find on our list.

Stay tuned for more great deals

Now we know that the key to success lies in never staying in the same place for too long. Much like we constantly upgrade the methods and the equipment that we use in order to get our jobs done, we also put much effort in coming up with new, even more attractive deals for our clients to make use of. For that reason, we encourage you to regularly check up this page, or even get in touch with our polite and helpful customer support so that you can be up to date with all the current offers we are able to make to you.